How a crochet hook inspired Wilhelmina to become a jewelry designer.

As a 4-year old child, Dutch jewelry designer Wilhelmina could often be found under the big dining table at home, crocheting and making patchwork outfits for her dolls and teddy bears.  Little Wilhelmina lived in her own world, full of imagination, dreaming of one day creating her own private jewelry collection.

Later, as a young woman, Wilhelmina experimented by combining crochet techniques with sewing in items of clothing from her own wardrobe.  This would ultimately lead to her enrolment at a fashion school.  Following several jobs in the fashion retail industry Wilhelmina felt the creative urges of her first passion: to become a jewelry designer but in a totally new discipline.

Wilhelmina followed several goldsmithing courses.  In the beginning she struggled with the hard and cold nature of the metallic materials.  In her training as a tailor she had become used to tactile materials like fabrics that were easier to form.  For one particular order, Wilhelmina had to create silver threads from a piece of silver.  This proved to be a struggle, but it resulted in inspiration for a new opportunity.  In a flashback to her childhood, Wilhelmina remembered her earlier experiments with the crochet hook.  Initially she started to practice with fine silver and copper threads and currently Wilhelmina uses 18-carat gold in her collection.

In her F/W 2018-2019 collection, Wilhelmina combines gemstones, diamonds, fur and freshwater pearls in her gold and silver collection.  As she travels a lot, Wilhelmina used her trips to source her materials from all over the world, for example at the Inhorgenta Messe in Munchen and the Bijorca in Paris.

Wilhelmina’s inspiration comes from nature, the flowers in her garden and from the material itself.  Her fashion and artistic background influences Wilhelmina’s excellent sense for colours.  Just as when she was a child, even today the designs for her jewelry collection will appear in her head, like pictures.  Wilhelmina buys only materials where she immediately sees the opportunities, no pictures, no inspiration.

Wilhelmina has also custom-designed jewelry for customers to complement a particular dress or outfit.  She takes into consideration the shape of the wearers face, their skin tone and the colour of their eyes, before designing a truly unique piece for the client.  The sparkle in a woman’s eyes when she is wearing one of her designs is the best compliment Wilhelmina can get.

The Wilhelmina collection is timeless, full of romance and very feminine. Wilhelmina jewelry is worn by strong women who like to distinguish themselves.

Last year Wilhelmina has had the privilege to visit Milan as a member of the trade mission led by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.  In the previous year Wilhelmina was presented at the Dutch Pavilion in Palazzo Francesco Turati, Milan during the contemporary design exhibition “Masterly”.

Imagine a jewelry designer like Wilhelmina who considers and selects materials and then creates a masterly design for you only, wouldn’t that be the most beautiful gift you could give yourself – signed by Mara Stevelmans

Custom Pieces

Wilhelmina also makes custom jewelry to match you and perhaps a specific outfit for a special occasion. She also can give a new breath of life to old jewelry, by giving it a refreshing modern touch to make it wearable again. For the possibilities, please contact Wilhelmina.